Our Training Center

STORE HOURS:  9:00 am to 3:00 pm   Monday through Friday
4531 Kuamoo Road, Kapa'a, HI 96746  1-808-821-2818

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Ho'omana teaches a Financial Literacy curriculum designed to teach students how to manage their money and make informed financial decisions. 

Adapted from the Kahua Waiwai curriculum created by Hawai'i Community Assets, this program uses group activities to teach basic money management skills. Students become familiar with banking procedures, including check writing, deposits. withdrawals, establish a monthly budget for living expenses and work towards attaining a savings/checking account. They become proficient in differentiating between needs versus wants when making purchasing decisions. 

Students who complete their training and meet benchmarks earn "Makana Money."  A predetermined amount of store credit is paid for every hour volunteered. Students may use their Mahaka Money to purchase merchandise and other rewards from the Thrift Shop.

The use of the Makana Money system provides a reward system for students and enables them to put into practice their budgeting and savings skills and recognize when to make purchases (sale items verses non-sale items).

The result is that the students increase their financial knowledge, gain positive attitudes, self-motivation and the ability to become independent.

We Hope to have more to share soon once we've successfully raised the funds needed to qualify for the matching grant we applied for. 

Stay tuned for updates and please, consider making a tax deductible donation to help us reach our
$10,000 goal by December 31, 2018