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In today's world, being able to provide programs to special needs youth and adults takes not only time, it takes money.  Ho'omana has been quietly serving the special needs community of Kauai for years.  We would like to improve and expand current programs in order to reach even more youth and adults but our current resources are very limited and we need you!

Please consider donating what you can to support the work our founders, Anela & Rowena, started so many years ago.  We to add even more
Faces Of Success stories for many more years to come. 

Every little bit helps!  Mahalo for your support!
Ho'omana is a 501c3 non-profit; Federal ID No. 80-0090166
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Without Your Giving, What We Do

Would Not Be Possible! 

Will you consider making a donation to help us meet our  $10,000 goal to be eligible for a matching grant?  


"The Thrift Store That Changes Lives"

 Ho'omana assists the emotionally, mentally, physically challenged and those with

disabilities with every opportunity to reach their maximum potential.

 Ho'omana is derived from the Hawaiian word: 
~ Ho'o-Causive prefix (one that produces a result.
~ Mana-Authority, power, might.


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STORE HOURS:  9:00 am to 3:00 pm   Monday through Friday
4531 Kuamoo Road, Kapa'a, HI 96746  1-808-821-2818
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We need YOU! We have applied for a matching grant and are working to raise $10,000 in funds to be eligible for the grant. 

WHY: We have been in operations for 15 years, and we want to be here for another 50 years and beyond. We are currently doing an update on our policies, programs, and long term operations and we are upgrading and training our board of directors and staff.

Due to the age of our building, it is in need of a lot of work. The building is in need of simple things like light fixtures (we’re waiting on our electrician to finish work), and the back of the building needs maintenance work.

The current proceeds from Ho‘omana Thrift Store sales are one of the main revenue sources for our programs servicing our community youth and adults.  Sales proceeds already cover program costs and operating expenses.   In order to be awarded grant money, we must raise the matching grant funds ourselves. We are asking for your help. 

History: We are inhe building that formerly housed Rehabilitation Kauai, or RUK, and the lease is held by the Smith family with a provision that the facility be used for rehabilitative work.

This building sat idle for some time after RUK closed, until  LaFrance Kapaka got the idea to use the thrift store as a training site for special needs clients. We have been training special needs youth and adults since. 

We have a grant application pending with the Office of Hawaiian Affairs for a matching grant that would help our program with its current needs and help us grow for our future.  If you've been to our store, you know what we mean when we say, “It would be nice to have building improvements."

Our vision for the future of Ho'omana: The Hawaiian history and culture of where Ho'omana is located goes along with what we envision for the future of our facility. We  would like to see Ho'omana become a community gathering place, we would like to see the addition of a commercial kitchen and laundry facility where our participants can learn additional skills in those areas. We envision community gardening, and so much more. 

Ho‘omana Thrift Store is open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Mondays through Fridays. Located on Kuamo'o Road Across from Coco Palms and just behind the Smith's facility on the banks of the Wailua River.