Ho'omana participants from Kapa'a and Kauai High schools become skilled in basic life and job skills. Developing a sense of being dependable, reliable and responsible members of their community



Ho'omana's primary focus is using the Thrift Store as a "training site" for individuals in job-transferable skills that can be applied to future employment, life skills, financial literacy, and  personal growth and development.



The Thrift Store That Changes Lives!

Our Focus



       TRAINING: The most important job we will ever do!

                Mentoring & Empowering Kauai Teens and Adults

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Adult Program



Working with DHS's First-to-work program, Adult, Juvenile and Drug courts. TANF, Aiu Like and other community resources Ho'omana provides opportunities for constructive, meaningful work experiences and training.

 YOUTH Program

Our store is always changing and improving.  Most Recently, We've ADDED Saturday hours: 10am to 2pm with donations accepted 12pm to 4pm 

We've also REDUCED our prices on clothing and we are working on reducing prices on ALL merchandise. If you haven't been in lately, be sure to stop by and see us! 

Ho' omana

Our Training Curriculum​

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Our Mission

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Ho'omana is a 501c3 non-profit; Federal ID No. 80-0090166
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What's New at Ho'omana?

STORE HOURS:  9:00 am to 3:00 pm   Monday through Friday
4531 Kuamoo Road, Kapa'a, HI 96746  1-808-821-2818
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 Ho'omana assists the emotionally, mentally, physically challenged
and those with disabilities with every opportunity to reach their maximum potential.

 Ho'omana is derived from the Hawaiian word: 

~ Ho'o-Causive prefix (one that produces a result.
~ Mana-Authority, power, might.


Ho' omana is working to raise $10,000 to qualify for a matching grant we applied for in 2018. 
We are asking for the communities help in making this grant possible so that we may
​continue the work we have been doing to change lives of Teens and Adults on Kauai.
Visit our "Giving" Page to learn more or click the "donate" button below. 

in 2003 Ho'omana  began developing and implementing curriculum-based programs to  ensure that
children with disabilities ​would be prepared for adulthood upon completion of  high school.

In 2012-2013 the Department of Education had 923 students in grades
Pre-K through grade 12 ​who received special education services

As youth transition into adulthood, many of those with  "special needs" have no desire or are
unable to continue on with additional formal education. Ho'omana provides an  alternative
to enable these young adults to learn life and jobs kills. 

Be sure to visit our
"Faces Of Success' Page to read and see stories of Success for many through our program.